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Re: Re: We're stuck in aLOOPre: guitar synth

Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com wrote:
> Andre!....Kim!....To your rooms...NOW!  We won't have any more of 
>thischildish bickering!  And if you don't stop now there will be no 
>pudding for

Oh man I do not even like guitars. :D

At 09:16 AM 2/15/00 -0500, you wrote:
>what's [up with YOU???
>interesting that you call MY comments a rant---when hmm.. 15-20 other
>emails have been parallel to my views...???
>interesting too--you have singled ME out for your smei-nasty responses
>throughout this all-- 
>meanwhile--i notice (unless i snoozed, forgive me)- you have not even
>responded to the oodles of people in support of using a guitar  synth for
>what it's worth
>No comment on the several other supporting emails re: using  a guitar 
>forwhat it's good for,eh???
>At 01:38 AM 02/15/2000 -0800, you wrote:
>>what on earth got into you anyway? One sentence sends you on a 10 mail 
>>It's just amazing. I remember you did this exact same thing when this 
>>came up a few years ago, while I was having a discussion with somebody 
>>about midi architecture and zipi. 
>you've just got that condescending, "i know it all" vibe sometimes.
>NOTE:sometimes you are very fun to communicate with.!!
>You don't bother to understand my point
>>at all. Instead you go on some tangent accusing me of all sorts of things
>>that I've never said or thought? Great way to win yourself some friends.
>hmmm. i guess that's the way you wanna see it.can't change that
>>I have spent a huge amount of time working on guitar synths, with some of
>>the greatest engineers in that field. I could teach you a lot of things
>>about how they could be phenomenal instruments, 
>again - despite your defensiveness... you don't listen to what I think...i
>ALREADY think they are phenomenal instruments...!!!! isn't that
>and indeed I've even tried
>>to tell you about it, about the futures for that instrument that have 
>>dreamed and even built. 
>thanks, lord kim... but i am well aware of many of the future ideas for
>guitar synth -i research these as well..
>But you don't want to listen. And the result?
>>you'll never have that phenomenal guitar synth instrument because you are
>>too busy settling for what you have and not knowing what to ask for. And 
>>top of it, you're pissing off the people who might create it for you.
>who?? You???
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