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Re: NewsFlash.....Guitar synth=Guitar Synth and Guitar=Guitar

> Jeez, I can't help but feel partially responsible for starting all
this, as it was my question about guitar synth that opened up this
thread... Sorry!

You're entirely responsible... the authorities will be waiting
outside your door! It's funny how a simple technical assertion can
challenge us so much... It's the same with DAW latency problems... as
much as we love to mangle and rearrange sounds with computers, the
latency is still crap... Maybe BeOS is going to save us from this, but
again, it's just a statement of fact and not meant to spoil anyone's

> I did find a lot of this stuff useful, though- especially Legion's
on-line essay about really screwing with a guitar signal.  So thanks.

I actually learned a bit more about some items as well. What the

> And now I'm considering the purchase of a used EH Microsynth.  Any
opinions? Peter

Yeah... give me back the DFX 94 you bought from me you trouble maker!
8-) (also... check out the Waldorf 4-pole filter)