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Re:guitar synth

"tweak sounds. Skip the sample triggering thing if you are doing your
>custom sounds and not trying to sound like a bad timpani or saxophone
>player, you'll be much happier!

see-- this is your, and other people's constant mistake--- i for one ,
sounds like that 1% of the time !! it's not what works well....

guitar synth is PERFECT for setting up aquick bassline loop..or just
getting a  nice cloudy JX-3p or oberheim pad behind some guitar

Here we go agaiin indeed....
Not to mention  that comparing a cello line played on a guitar and
played on a keyboard is going to make you laugh.
Guitar is the perfect controller for strings and woodwinds (to me). And
yest, most of thge time I also don't use poor sax samples to make my
solo "fly".

I'd rather use a good Rhodes bank :-)