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Dido in concert

I just caught Dido's live act.  To be frank, I had no idea who she was
until I found out it is she who sings the theme to Roswell (an American TV
show which I don't watch).  Heck I didn't even know it was the theme to
Roswell - I thought it was the group Massive Attack (dug the CD my friend
lent to me and the song was kind of in that vibe).

Good show, excellent stage presence on Dido's part.

The main point of relevance to this list is that somebody in the band
turned out to be a realtime looper.


It was the percussionist! He most noticeably used it in a couple of songs.
One song he began with a shaker riff, looped it, then struck a couple of
little sticks, looped that, then started looping the djembe that he had
strapped on all show long.   For another song, he set up a djembe loop,
then took off on a djembe solo, looping bits of the solo as he went along a
la Bill Frisell.   Between this dude and the DJ, I hardly noticed that a
trap kit drummer was not in the band.