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RE: DJ'ed

Ohh sorry, I meant the other way around:
Whatever sample, loop I make, it should generate a MIDI clock OUT based on 
the looping points,
instantly. And then you should be able to subdivide, or multiply by that 

Thats my problem with Jam Man and Echoplex. They're only able to DIVIDE it 
down, once you've set
the loop points or echo/delay points. Once it sends out a clock, one 
should be able to MULTIPLY the
echo/delay or loop point on Jam Man/Exhoplex without changing the MIDI 
clock out to, let's say a drum machine. Then the drum machine would play a 
8 bar, but you put in a 16 or 32 bar loop that will stay in place 
regardless, and not drift out of time after 64 bars...or more interesting, 
a triplet of that, to create polyrhythmical lines...
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From: johnmcc@aldiscon.ie [mailto:johnmcc@aldiscon.ie]
Sent: Thursday, February 17, 2000 3:33 PM
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
Subject: DJ'ed

> I have waited (too!) long for a looping device that sends MIDI clocks to
whatever sample you've made
> at your turntable/CD/sampler. I do think it exists, however, really
expensive and hard to get.

I've a BOSS SP-202 and it'll take MIDI in. If you're using anything that'll
send a MIDI trigger at the start of each loop, it can trigger a sample on
the 202. Just set that sample patch to "Trigger" and "One-Shot". The 202 is
a very nice, affordable sampler but not ideal as a guitar looper .. you
have to start and stop the recording process using the buttons (not via
MIDI or with foot switches), and guitarists usually don't have a free hand
.... used it with a keyboard tho' and that was fun, especially the ring
modulator, if you fancy sounding like Jan Hammer for a minute. But it is
stereo, good sound quality, and has reverse and time stretch. Perfect for
DJing, or taking loops off the PA for total maymen :-)

I saw a big brother of the 202 that had 16 sample patches, and a built-in 4
track mixing desk .. anyone seen this? It's not on the rolandus.com site.

- John