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Re: hi

The list is set so nobody can post unless they are subscribed to the list.
Which makes spamming the list mostly impossible except for the truly
dedicated spammer.

This particular mail is from somebody who actually subscribed to the list
to post it. I guess he's not quite clear on what the list topic is. Of
course, many people who post here all the time don't seem to know what the
list topic is either. :-)


At 12:01 AM -0800 2/20/00, Steven Woods wrote:
>    Are you people on Looper's having trouble with  unsolicited mail?  It
>just keeps coming. Steven
>   ----- Original Message -----    From:
><mailto:corrobex@dove.net.au>Dennis    Longstaff    To:
>Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com    Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2000 5:53
>AM   Subject: hi
>   Howdy   We are seeking business contacts, Trade leads    , for
>Australian Aboriginal Art related products.   In particular we are seeking
>Store owners,    distributors and Importers.
>Didgeridoos,artefacts,paintings by some of  Australias    more prominant,
>Aboriginal Artists.   Thanks dennis Longstaff   Corroboree Exports
>Australia   http://corrobex.com

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