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Re: EDP delay time question

>I'm playing around vith veryvery small delay times (eg granular )
>and was wondering what is the  smallest delay time we can get when
>trigering the record function from midi (record mode : sus)

Interesting question.  My guess is that the minimum time is determined by 
MIDI transmission rate.  I.e., how fast can you send a record start/stop 
to the
EDP via MIDI.  If so, I think it is about 3.84 millisecs.  My calculations

MIDI transmit rate = 31.25 Kb/sec = 31250 bits/sec

Note On message = 3 bytes (1 status + 2 data bytes)
Note Off message= 3 bytes
EDP record start/stop = Note On + Note Off + Note On + Note Off = 12 bytes

MIDI transmits each byte as 10 bits.
therefore, EDP record start/stop = 120 bits.

EDP record start/stop Transmit time = ( 120 bits / (31250 bits/sec)) = 3.84

Of course, Kim might tell us that the EDP stops recording as soon as it 
sees the
second Note On message, in which case the minimum would be:

( 90 bits / (31250 bits/sec)) = 2.88 milliseconds.

I'm assuming the EDP can recognize and act upon the Note On message 

But I was never good at arithmetic...

Dennis Leas