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>Just have to say I caught this show, practically by accident. We were 
>a block and a half away in downtown L.A. and afterward we walked by The 
>and heard all this racket.

I just wanted to add that *IT REALLY SUCKS* that Cline and Bendian are
playing 3 nights withing driving distance of me (Eugene, Portland and
Seattle) and I can't make any of the shows because I have gigs. I'll
actually be playing just a few blocks away from their PDX show, but it
looks logistically impossible, unless they play really late. The Rob
Blakeslee 4-tet, awesome players and good friends of mine, are openning the
Portland show, don't miss this if you are at all capable...

Dave Trenkel : improv@peak.org  : www.peak.org/~improv/

"...there will come a day when you won't have to use
gasoline. You'd simply take a cassette and put it in
your car, let it run. You'd have to have the proper
type of music. Like you take two sticks, put 'em
together, make fire. You take some notes and rub 'em
together - dum, dum, dum, dum - fire, cosmic fire."
                                            -Sun Ra