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Re: MM4 reviews?

Some mostly positive user comments at 


I just picked up one today $229 at Guitar Center, but haven't had a
chance to play much with it yet. At the store, it sounded great, amidst
the cacaphony and playing a new guitar which went out of tune often. The
Leslie and Univibe ems alone were enough to get me to reach for the
credit card. Along with the DL-4 this will be great, esp for a guy who
hasn't had a floor pedal since the 80's. Hope the expression pedal works
smoother on this than the DL-4 :-(


Unit Circle Media wrote:
> while I know it's not strictly looping, I was wondering  if anyone has
> tried the Line 6 MM4 an what they think about it...
>         thanks,
>                 Kevin
> Kevin Goldsmith                         kevin@unitcircle.com
> Unit Circle Media                       http://www.unitcircle.com/