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Re: [CT-Collective] going to LD

>>From: "Mike Biffle" <mbiffle@svg.com> >>Greetings fellow loopers...
We've gone on to two other projects: a 75 second "miniatures" project
with 24 involved; and a "Found Sound" project which was just
completed. It can be downloaded at Morgan Hamilton Lang's "Loop
Exchange" site...

Matt chimes in...
>don't foget the www! so that's 
> http://www.music.columbia.edu/~cecenter/mhl21/ct/ct.html 
> or you can just use the shortcut:
> www.loopxchange.com 

Thanks Matt...

>>At the end of the project we ante up any mailing, duping costs and
then  receive our cd's. (Usually well below the $20 mark...)

> Actually, the cost for participants on the "Found Sound" CD project
was just $1.62 per CD plus postage! Since we split up the fees and
have volunteers do the burning, artwork, and labels, the resulting
compilation CD that you get costs way less than most compilation CD's
that you can buy. (Don't forget the added bonus that you will be in
contact with all the musicians on the CD from working with them!)

That's really good news Matt? All that he says above is TRUE! TRUE!
TRUE! I've been soooo happy being a part of these projects... I'm
hoping that down the road I'll get the chance to do a little live
terrorizing with many of the contributors!