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Re: Upcoming NW Minus shows

Hi Dave
While you are there see if anyones interested in didges. thanks 

-----Original Message-----
From: Dave Trenkel <improv@peak.org>
To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com <Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Wednesday, 23 February 2000 5:50
Subject: Upcoming NW Minus shows

>Hi, pardon the self-promotional spam,
>Minus (Mark France:gtr/vocals/noise, Dave Trenkel:basses/electronics, 
>Franzoni:drums) is doing a short NW tour this week:
>We'll be in Seattle on Thursday, Feb 24th, at the Rainbow Room. We'll be
>playing with Elaine Difalco and Fabric, the new band from the Hughscore 
>Caveman Shoestore keyboardist/vocalist, which also features Fred Chalenor
>(Hughscore, Zony Mash, Tone Dogs, etc) on bass.
>Friday, Feb. 25th, we'll be in Portland at the Tugboat Brewpub, with the
>Aiko Shimada Band. This show is free, though we will gladly accept
>donations, and the Tugboat is an intimate, all-ages and dog-friendly
>Saturday, Feb. 26th, we'll be at Squirrels Tavern, Corvallis, OR, once
>again with the Aiko Shimada Band. For this show, we'll be joined by JD
>Monroe on turntables.
>Also, take a look at our newly refurbished web presence:
>The MP3.com site features an advance tune from our as-yet unreleased 2nd
>Dave Trenkel : improv@peak.org  : www.peak.org/~improv/
>"...there will come a day when you won't have to use
>gasoline. You'd simply take a cassette and put it in
>your car, let it run. You'd have to have the proper
>type of music. Like you take two sticks, put 'em
>together, make fire. You take some notes and rub 'em
>together - dum, dum, dum, dum - fire, cosmic fire."
>                                            -Sun Ra