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Re: mutant trumpet

eric wrote:
> Thanks Ral, David, Tim.
> This URL does not appear to work for me.

You probablly need the Shockwave plugin.
Here's what it says on the site:

> mutantrumpet
> The mutantrumpet is a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument
> with three bells, two sets of valves, and a trombone slide.
> The sound is converted via a pickup in the mouthpiece to
> MIDI information by a pitch to MIDI converter. There
> are momentary switches located next to the valves on the
> body of the instrument, as well as four continuous MIDI
> controllers in the form of pressure sensing pads and
> potentiometers. The acoustic volume of the mutantrumpet
> is often used as another MIDI controller. The
> mutantrumpet's computer interface enables Neill to trigger
> and manipulate sequences, grab samples and manipulate
> them in real time, and control lighting, slide and video
> projection. 

There you go!

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