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Re: torn vs. fripp

This whole thread is reminiscent of reactions I've seen to Fripp's live 
in the past, both solo and with King Crimson; basically, you've got your
Fripp adherents who love all or most things Frippian - and then there are
the guys who go for more out-front "flash", if you will, and go on and on
and on enough that you know they'd rather Fripp played like Satriani or 
Or insert your own guitar god in the space provided...  I knew someone who,
in the mid-80s, went to one of Fripp's lectures, and actually returned from
it pissed off because he didn't play any guitar, or talk about King 
I reminded him that it was a lecture about Surviving The Music Business, 
it did no good, of course.  I'd have rather been there, frankly.

End rule?  To Each His/Her Own.

Myself?  Never heard of Torn until this list.  Still haven't heard any of
his work.  While closing on my mid-40s and emerging from a recession of a
personal financial nature, I've not had too much time to hang around a
store, or buying CDs, such that the only ones I get are gifts.  On one 
I know it's because I'm less-than-prosperous (money wise), but on another, 
know it's also because I'm still working on MY material, and would rather
not have the kind of input that can lead to subdermal influence on my
composing.  The only real exceptions I can afford to make are going to 
that are put on by friends or performers I like.  Does it matter?  Is my
life any less than it could be because of not hearing others' work?  I'll
let you know when I'm finished.  Well, before I'm finished, in case Thomas
Edison's "Ether Scope" doesn't work after all... [wink]

Stephen Goodman      * The Loop of the Week (closing on #500, nearly 5 
EarthLight Productions * http://www.earthlight.net/Studios.html