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Re: new mp3 loopping

At or around 03:37 PM 3/3/00 -0500, Taaffe, Denis G wrote:

>       I have a new mp3 that can be heard at
>http://www.mp3.com/denis_taaffe . It's called zxmoto_mp3 . It's a live 
>from a solo electric gutiar show I did. Just one guitar, guitar loops and
>drum machine. no synth's, bass, samplers, midi guitar,etc... were used. 
>lots of guitar loops done on the fly. Let me know what you think if you
>would . I would appreciate any comments.

It's not bad, but I just can't get over the drum machine; it doesn't add
anything to the track IMO, and detracts from what you're doing.  If
anything, the decent textures and overall sound quality is wrecked by the

Beyond the simple quality issues, the drums seem to be rushing the piece;
it's sync'd for time, but there is something off in the "feel" relationship
between the guitar and drums.

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