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Re: Lexicon mpx 1

I recall that someone on the list reported that they
had been in touch with Lexicon about that very thing.
The answer was no.

Would you mind answering some questions? I've been
considering one of these.

1) What is the slowest speed of the independent LFOs
   & what waveforms are available?

2) I recall reading that it has a Random Function
   Generator. Is this the same as a random LFO? How
   "random" is it?

3) Do you find the arpeggiator useful? Does it
   actually send out midi note messages?

4) Are the reverbs as good as you expected?

Thanks for any info you can provide.


--- magicicada@mindspring.com wrote:
> Hi all I have a lexicon mpx 1 and I was wondering if
> there is a way to increase the looping time on the
> lexi> anyone know?
> regards,
> c.white

John Tidwell

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