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Re: RE: Interesting...

In a message dated 3/9/00 1:25:54 PM, artmusic@gte.net writes:

>'when every note you play is right, and you can't play a wrong one.'

THIS is the state that's hooked me to my guitar and looping tools. The 
regular recurrance of this jubilant state when I'm lucky enough to be in 
path suggests to me that perhaps our basic nature as humans is that we are 
"lenses" focusing unseen energies into the material world, all the time. 
those of us who choose musical tools, we can occasionally get  out of our 
way enough that we can actually hear the process happening. Many writers 
speak of being written thru. But I think it goes way beyond artistic 
expression. I'm sure it's a basic human experience in every kind of 
conscious and unconscious.