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LOCATION CHANGE re: Philly Electro-Experimental

I was given some spurious advice regarding the location of the show.  Due to recent renovations, the Gate to Moonbase Alpha will be held at the following location:
Saturday, March 25th, 8pm - Gate to Moon Base Alpha
Join us for the next installment in the Gate to Moon Base Alpha series.
Gate explores the creative expanse of ambient-space-psychedelic musical and sonic curiosities.  The evening will highlight improvisations and compositions by top local talent.  Hosted by DJ Spaceling.  ***At the former Christian Association building, 3601 Locust Walk.***  Doors open at 8pm.  Admission is free.
For more information, visit The Philadelphia Ambient Consortium on the
web: http://simpletone.com/pacman.htm
***please note that Locust Walk is directly on the UPENN campus***
hope to see everyone there,

A disciplined mind brings happiness.