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Re: Looper realbook 3 out!!! (was looper tablature)

I shoulda known! You damn yankees & euro-peons are
always shucking us country boys liken we was Monica's
underwear! Gotta go. Maw wants to lay down a
Conway Twitty groove on her echoplex & I gots to
jumper it to the John Deere battree.


--- Kim Flint <kflint@annihilist.com> wrote:
> sheesh, Jesús was making a joke. (ok, maybe not a
> very good one..:-)  I
> swear you guys have no sense of humor at all. I'm
> not sure, but my theory
> is some of you are listening to too much of that
> Fripp guy.
> ;-)
> kim

John Tidwell

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