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Re: EV5 pedal not working with DL4...

Hey Papa - eric Potter, here.

I use the EV-5 and it works on all modes, but it doesn't always cover both 
extremes of a knob's range.
I find it works best for me when the EV-5's little knob is set to 0 
(zero). I 
saw the Line 6 pedal and it looks exactly like an EV-5 but with just a gap 
plug where the little knob is on the EV.  All in all it works well for me 
it is not an obvious thing.

eric p
echo park

In a message dated 3/25/0 7:58:12 AM, papadave55@hotmail.com writes:

>>Yo loopheads...I'd heard that the EV5 pedal works fine with the line 6
>>but it doesn't seem like it's doing all the stuff it's suppose to do.
> Does
>>the line 6 expression pedal for the DL4 do things that the EV5 won't?