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Can you help w/ my Rocktron G612 Mixer?

I just bought a used G612 rack mixer with no manual.
Would someone be kind enough to give a "for dummies"
explanation of how to use it so that all 4 aux sends
are available?

I think I've figured out that it needs to be set to
DUAL mode & that something needs to be plugged into
both A & B side channels for any one channel to route
to all 4 sends. Does one side need a plug to act as a
jumper or will I need some sort of splitter to send
signal to both A & B sides?

I just received the David Torn videos a couple of
weeks ago. Now I have dreams of all sorts of mayhem
resulting from connecting a DL-4, an echoplex, a
vortex, & a Digitech 2120 to to the effects sends.

Mr. Torn, if you're reading, is there any chance of
future videos of you working out on an Echoplex
(or two)?

Many thanks.


John Tidwell

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