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Re: PMC10 foot pedal?

Thanks for the mono plug pointer.  I got a
stereo-to-mono converter and now the Yamaha FC7 works.
 Calibrating it, the pedal set it to: Min:2, Max:224,
Type:0x10.  I also created my own converter cable to
experiment, and got it working with a different wiring
at: Min:8, Max:160, Type:0x08.

The reason I made my own cable was that I was getting
very non-linear behavior with the FC7 - On one end it
would cover CC values 0-100 traversing 1/2 the pedal
range (i.e. very quicly), and the 2nd half of the
pedal travel covering 101-127.  This makes fine
adjustments at the low end very difficult (using my
cable, I managed to reverse the problem (dense
hi-end), but not fix it.)  I also diddle quite a bit
with the max & min & types, but did nothing fixed this
problem.  The pedal is quite linear with other midi

Claude - Do you see this behavior with your FC7's?
Have you ever dumped your settings to raymond and
looked at the settings?

The FC7 is a good pedal (you can gang them together,
has adjustable tilt and a 'spring' adjustment feature
allowing you to set the resting high value at less
than 127 with the rest of the pedal travel being
spring-loaded), but I hesitate to use it with the
pmc10 unless I can somehow clean up it's interaction
with the pmc10.


--- Claude voit <c.voit@vtx.ch> wrote:
> Stephen
> the fc7 works indeed with the pmc10 (I have two for
> that)
> but I think I modified them to a mono plug (Its been
> a long time...)
> solder the cable shield to the sleeve of the mono
> jack than try each of
> the two remaining conductors to the tip one of them
> will be the tip 
> hope this can help
> Claude

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