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Re: Regeneration with Boomerang

Hi John!

>My question seeks a recommendation on how to get the Boomerang to act
>regenerative, (or degenerative)  as the more expensive Echoplex might...

I'll leave other folks to answer your question since I'm not a 'rang user 
I'm sure somebody else can answer it better.  But your performance/set-up 
my eye...

>...  I use a Theremin, various outboard fx, a
>Boss 202 sampler,  and 2 dimension beam infrared light controllers 
>beams tied to midi continuous controller #'s) on two synths.

Have you recordings?  On-line samples?  I'd like to hear this.  Are you
interested in a sound swap?

Also, what kind of "2 dimension beam infrared light controllers" do you 
And what do you think of them?

Dennis Leas