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Re: Octave

> I am interested in obtaining an octave pedal and would like any input as
> what you all think is good out there- Preferably smooth, more than 1
> down, less than $200- - - I checked out the brown Boss model and really
> not impressed- maybe z-vex or other boutique?

It might be a bit more than $200, but try the Digitech Whammy 1 (WH1)
reissue. I have an original WH1 and it is the smoothest sounding pitch
shifter I've ever used. It can do a wide variety of preset musical 
as well as dive-bomb-whammy-pedal-madness.

I've never tried any of the models in between the original WH1 and the
reissue WH1, but I've heard that they used a different (i.e., cheaper to
produce) circuit and were not as smooth (and I don't think this is just
"vintage" BS either.)

Plus, the WH1 is BIG and RED and definitely noticable on stage.

-- Mango --