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SOT Loopy transportation, and Location was Re: bizarre pedalswasRe: Regeneration with Boomerang

>>> Remember? I don't drink! Let's make an SF bay area looper
get-together instead!

>> I am so up for this, I almost tried to put together a party myself
a while ago, but, pressed for time, I never got it together. Besides,
my place is rather small.

> I wanted to invite the people on the main lists I am subscribed to
- Looper's Delight, Taptalk/Stickwire ( http://www.stick.com 
players), the Korg Trinity mailing list, and perhaps the Emagic Logic
Audio users group, and see what happened. Does anyone have a large
warehouse with tons of parking, a loading dock and a clean, industrial
strength power supply they aren't using? :> bIz

I could rent rehearsal space here in Santa Cruz some evening for a
free-for-all jam / party. It's not very swanky, but I believe it's
electrically sound and big enough for  6-10 of us in a circle
format... We'd HAVE to record it...