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stopping it

The word "request" in the email address is the key. If you send the mail 
"loopers-delight@annihilist.com" or hit reply, you're just posting for the 
other list members to read.

Please, Mr. Bruggeman, don't be angry with us. Somebody who has access to 
your email address (probably a family member or housemate) deliberately 
subscribed to this list. It's just about impossible to do it by mistake. 
would any of us particularly want to send you email you don't want.

Unsubscribe instructions are printed below.

Matt Davignon

>From: "Larry Tremblay" <ltct@concentric.net>

>Chill out. Only *YOU* can stop the mail.
>To unsubscribe, send mail with the word "unsubscribe"
>in both the subject and body, and no sig files or anything
>else, to:

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