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Re: Re:OT: Octave

     I want to thank all who responded so far to my inquiry re Octave 
I certainly have plenty to seek out and try now- I suppose the EH 
is one that stands out and the Blue Box is something I need to hear 
I really would like 100% clean option with solid tracking- which the Blue
Box is clearly NOT supposed to do by design-
     I will also want to check out the Digitech whammy as having dynamic
foot control over the octave effect would be great- this does bring into
mind looking into all-in-ones ie GT-3/GT5 etc but I am more fond of
individuals- but you sure cant program em the way you can a multi....hmmm-
getting more interesting pondering all the time... there just seems to
always be a trade off when you look into all-in ones- - -
     Does anyone know if any of these have a programmable 1/4" out whereby
you could have certain patches where the expression pedal would be
controlling the EDP feedback?

Thanks again all-