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Re: loopers with pods?

I've been using a POD for about a year now, and IMHO, i think it's one of
the best things since sliced bread... I haven't been using it in my live
rig too much, since i switched bands and moved to bass about 6 months ago.
Recording is really where the POD shines, but lots of folks use it live as
well, running it into the power amp section of their amps, or getting a
transparent power amp and full range speaker setup.  Check out the LUP on
line6's website and go to the POD presets section.  There are alot of
threads there on almost all things POD.


As far as the switching latency, well, it's the nature of the beast.  What
we are dealing with here is a digital 'model' of amplification circuitry.
When you switch patches, the POD must flush the previous 'model', and load
the new one.  It does take some time, and the floorboard will make no
difference.  Actually, this really frustrated me live, since i wanted to
eliminate my stompboxes if i could, but no go.  There is a POD Pro model on
the way, as well as a POD II.  Line6 claims the switching speed is improved
on both of those. 


 At 01:52 AM 4/9/00 EDT, you wrote:
>anyone out there looping with a pod in there rig?
>i just picked one up today.....pretty neat piece
>the one thing thats bugging me though is the latency between program 
>changes........seem like it could be potentially annoying in live 
>i'm using a midi pedal to switch from sound to sound.
>anyone else experiencing this problem?
>anyone know if the line 6 pedal board makes the pod react the same?
>thanks for any advice in advance!