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Re: OT: GP-100 v Line 6

Well, I've never tried either of those units, so I cant't help you there. 
But, there are several things you could do about amplifying the GP-100. 
The easiest to carry would be a "mini PA combo amp"; i.e. an acoustic 
guitar amplifier or a keyboard amp. There are lots of these out there. My 
favorite would have to be the Fender SFX acoustic and keyboard amps. There 
are also powered PA speakers out now by JBL and Mackie. 

You could also buy a power amp and some speakers. You could get guitar or 
PA speakers. Or, you could get a powered mixer. It doesn't really matter. 
If you are using to GP-100 direct and just want something to amplify the 
sound your getting with it, pretty much anything in the way of PA 
equipment would probably work. Any amp with the words "keyboard" or 
"acoustic" used to describe them could also work, as well.

Now, I have a question for you. I have been looking at the GP-100 to use 
purely as an effects processor for the guitar. I can't find any info about 
the GP-100 being used like this and was wondering if you would answer some 
questions of mine aobut it (off the list, of course)? Thanks. 

Over and out.

Ben Porter.


On Tue, 11 Apr 2000 21:53:55   Mark Hamburg wrote:
>I'm contemplating replacing my GP-100 with a Line 6 Flextone II and I
>wondered if anyone on this list had any comments in this regard.
>The pros and cons I can list without much experience with the Flextones...
>Pros: More direct controls. More amp models. Easily able to use it outside
>of my studio. (This last one is the big selling point. I'm tired of not
>having a guitar amp.)
>Cons: Obviously less powerful in terms of range of effects and in terms of
>the control over the effects.
>Has anyone done a comparison of the sound quality of the GP-100 v. the
>various Line 6 products? Or, if I were to stick with what I've got, does
>anyone have any recommendations on a reasonable amp to use with the GP-100
>so that I would have some mobility.
>P.S. And of course, if you've been hoping someone would sell a GP-100 in
>good condition, now is your opportunity to wax effusive about Line 6's

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