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Re: REMOVE : EMUSIC Playlist

At 8:08 PM -0700 4/13/00, Bill Fox wrote:
> I will honor Kim's wishes, should he make
>them known, though he has never mentioned anything to me in the several
>months (nealy a year?) I've been an LD member.

My wish is that I not have to be list dictator. You, the community that is
Looper's Delight, should work together to figure out how to solve problems
that come up.

It's anarchy: everybody's equally in charge.

My *opinion* is that Bill's posts seem reasonably on topic. They certainly
don't bug me the way posts about guitar amps and string gauges bug me. :-)

>I am copying this to the list as there seems to be an uproar starting 
>my posts.  I send them to Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com as the digest
>header explains.  Why my playlists show up in any other than the 
>manner is beyond my control and understanding.  I see that my Subject 
>up in the digest's header just like everyone else's posts do so I have had
>no indication until now that anything was amiss.  Kim, please state the LD
>rules of engagement which I will gladly follow, of course.

People probably need to set their mail filters to check "any header". When
the list address is in the bcc field, fitering on the to: field won't catch
it. When mail comes through the list there will be a variety of headers
added with the list address.


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