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R: GP-100 vs. Line 6

.... Boss Gx 700 ....
I think I could hardly sell mine; I think it is a real nice tool for two
distant uses:
noises, distorted noises that can come alive using the modulation tools
(ring modulator) and the automatic wahs (in inverted sensitiveness).
dry, transistor preamplified, sounds. A clear attack and a creamy and
defined tone.
IMHO it is one of those processors that has a real sense of being, if
compared to the price.
I use it in parallel with an Eventide Gtr 4000, a Digitech Gsp 2101 and an
I feed it through an Advance Tube Technology tube mixer feeded by a Mesa
Studio Preamp.

I am just waiting to give the new Boss VF-1 a try and  I suggest you to do
the same before choosing.
It is son of the "V" family (...VG-8) and has several emulations beside the