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Re: shameless gig spam! so-cal style

>We just want to make art.  Is that so wrong?
>Saturday April 15th, 8 PM
>G.E. Stinson and Inner Ear present:
>Peter Kowald - bassist extraordinaire from Germany

While Stig and Co. are bound to be great, Kowald is not to be missed! Some
years ago, a few friends of mine & I were trying to come up with the
"World's Greatest Improvising Musician", I know, stupid idea, but Kowald
was the only person we all agreed on as deserving the title.

It really SUCKS that his current US tour seems to be going everywhere in
the country except the Northwest!

Dave Trenkel : improv@peak.org
Minus Web Site: http://listen.to/minusmusic
Minus MP3's: http://www.mp3.com/-minus-