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That's right, he could have a Web page every week somewhere for free with a
giant Real Audio file you could stream at 128 Kbps or 56Kbps.  That would 

  | -----Original Message-----
  | From: Jonathan El-Bizri [mailto:jonathan@full-moon.com]
  | Sent: Thursday 13 April 2000 5:53 PM
  | To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
  | Subject: RE: REMOVE : EMUSIC Playlist
  | >>The only problem for me is that the show cannot be heard by 99% of
  | >>listmembers.  If Bill can get on internet radio, that is a different
  | >thing.
  | >>Any possibility, Bill?
  | >I'd love it if WDIY were netcasting but it isn't in the cards.
  | >Potential audience = potential members = better finances for a
  | public radio
  | station >as far as I can tell.  Hey!  I could record a show on
  | DAT, send it
  | to one of
  | >you who would then send it to another and another..
  | Or record it to Dat and send it to someone who could encode it
  | and broadcast
  | it.
  | bIz

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