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So Cal Show

Hi all-

Just wanted to comment on last night's show- wow! Fantastic- Nels Cline was
incredible, and was using his newly repaired vintage tape Echoplex! I was
also taken by his use of a red Digitech Whammy pedal that had pitch 
features- it sparked my interest in a big way as I had a foot controllable
octave device in mind lately-
Along with Niles were Mark Isham on effected horn- it looked like a white
Miles really- sans the stylish attire that Miles did so well-standing and
directing the other members when to break and change sections with hand
signals while his back to the audience-  He had an EMU sampler I think- 
a controller on a stand next to him- along with a rack of effects including
a Jam Man, VC3, a T.C. Elec. multi box, Ground Control controller- He used
delay a nd hold functions with great success and with discretion- also 
samples including some from a Miles album called Evil/Live-
The bass player was great and had a beautiful Zion bass with a black
fingerboard that looked like it was made of glass-
Drummer used electronic drums - I could not see the module tho-
The music was great with many tracks containing fast tempo break 
techno drums with slow melody lines on top- very nice grooves!
Keyboard player had a Rhodes and a korg and was great too-
They did a Miles cover from either Evil/Live, Big Fun, or Bitches Brew- 
have to check- but it was great to hear Nels on this one- pulling out some
mcLaughlin-esque riffs with his own style-
I have to go to work so I must end this now!