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Re: Performing solo loop improvisations

In a message dated 14/04/00 04:12:13 GMT Daylight Time, 
scott@morriganrecords.com writes:

> For those of you who perform solo improv gigs, just you and a mountain 
>  molehill) of electronics: how do you go about creating a composition in
>  real time? 
By the time I get to perform (rare as anything) I've decided what
FX /loopers to use in what arrangement( I use a med size mixer), and what
patches those FX will have.
 I'll also have a general idea about what I'm going to play into the rig,
with a couple of set piece items.
In performance I'll have a guitar, a vol ped , a couple of footswitches, 
an expression pedal. If unavoidable I might have to change a mixer setting 
on the fly, or tweak a couple of FX parameters.
This all fits in with my current 'improvising within a stated framework' 
interests. Well I reckon all improv has a set of rules, it's just that the 
rules aren't always acknowledged.
The best improvisors seem to be those who can change the rules as
they go.
So ideally I'd like to make the FX more interactive, currently
I think any audience would get a bit impatient as
I rummaged through the manuals.

Andy Butler.