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Re: EDP/LoopIII v5.0/Undo/problem?

Where's your Feed Back button sat @?

Pedro Felix wrote:

> C'mon  guys this is the reason I subscribe to this particular newsletter:
> I own and operate am EDP with maxed out memory which had v3.2 loaded. I
> ordered the v5.0 upgrade from Kim and received same today. I installed 
> new EPROM's per the instructions and reset the EDP.
> Now for the problem?: When I hit record the Undo led does not light up in
> yellow as i've grown accustomed to AND when I finish my loop and hit 
> again (to let the loop play on and on), the loop begins to fade with each
> successive pass and the Undo led glows green. The only way to restore the
> volume of the loop is to hit Undo after each loop. I read through the new
> instructions and fact sheet and don't know what I am doing wrong. I've
> checked every parameter setting and have set and reset each one as before
> and still no luck. I have another EDP at home so I checked the settings
> there which are identical save for the ddd under the Midi-Dump Undo
> parameter feature which is not coming up at all on my new upgraded EDP.
> Kim, gang, anyone please share some wisdom and insight.....
> PedrOOrdeP
> PostScript: I am not using any midi function that I know of and am only
> triggering the EDP with the footswitch.