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EDP alternative to vol pedal [a DIY idea}


With my pmc 10 I'm handling my edp's feedback through 5 switches on the
pmc's top row

those five switches send 5 different cc values that give me instant
feedback value inc/decrease presets

I really like the way it works but it takes 5 switches of the pmc only
for that 

Was thinking: 

how a bout a simple circuit that would replace the edp feedback
expression pedal
with  a set of 5 switches that would emulate 5 fixed values 
the 5 values would be preset with trim pots and the switches would
toggle through the values

a 6th switch could repatch a real vol pedal for fades etc...

If all this is possible I would drill holes on my edp footswitch to
implement those feedback preset switches 2-3 cm over the existing ones

the example here is for the edp but i could imagine a lot of situation
where this "preset expression pedal" could be very useful (Effects, just
before the amp for guitarists ,etc..)

The main problem is I'm not an electronic engineer so I hav'nt a clue of
how and if this could be done

what do you think?
can anybody help?
a newsgroup where this could be suggested?

have a nice day