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Re: R: EDP Power-on problem, new unit

I was forced to cancel my order with Alto on the new EDP's, but this is
wierd that brand new units are having problems like this.  Wasn't one of
the reasons for the most recent delays in shipping these units was that
Trace Elliot was doing extensive testing to assure everyone that these new
units were up to snuff?

I envy everyone that is going to receive their new babies, but maybe i
might be at an advantage by waiting for the next batch...

anybody got any info on what's going on?


At 11:07 AM 4/18/00 -0400, you wrote:
>My new new edp (dated 03/03/00!) has this intermittent power-on 
>lights flash, then go dark, though the input led will light if I feed it
>something.  But
>I'm much too happy playing with it to send it away at the moment, as it
>seems to
>fire up properly after a couple of tries.   Is it likely to get worse?
>Also, sometimes the feedback control just won't go to 100%--the loop
>gradually fades even though it's all the way to the right.  Restarting the
>machine seems to solve the problem, but that's obviously not a great
>solution.  Is there a quick
>> there was a batch of units that went out a year or so ago where I think
>> some of them had this problem. It took a while to figure out why, but it
>> understood now. It's a pretty easy repair. If it's bugging you, contact
>> Shane Radtke at Gibson, he should be able to take care of it.
>> (sradtke@gibson.com, 1-800-544-2766 x206 or (847) 741-7315 x206.)