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Re: Sequencer question


I've had a moderate degree of success using a Roland
MC-80 hardware sequencer for on-the-fly looping.  It's
not perfect (nor cheap), but does allow you to set up
a loop, drop in and out of record mode, switch and
mute channels (16) in real-time better than SW
sequencers I looked at. One problem is that I've not
found a way to do these things via sysex - no info on
it in their scanty midi implimentation documentation,
but i haven't hit Roland's tech support very hard for
it yet.  So you need to fondle the box to do most of
this, although there are a couple of foot pedal inputs
which can be assigned to various functions.

There is also pattern-based sequencing available which
allows patterns of various lengths to be started,
looped & stopped via midi note on / note off messages,
with control as to when the pattern starts
(immediately, on next beat, start of next measure),
but these more or less have to be precomposed rather
than created on the fly.

I think something like MAX might off the most


--- Michael LaMeyer <mlameyer@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Does anyone have recommendations for a sequencer
> well suited for looping on 
> the fly?  


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