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Re: Negativland on tour...ENO and U2

Loop content:  If you can, check out the "Captive" soundtrack ('86 I think)
by the Edge and Michael Brook.  I believe there may be some loop usage
there.  Certainly fits the ambient category.

Non-loop content follows:

> it took a visionary like Eno .....

and Paul McGuiness, and Daniel Lanois, and Steve Lillywhite, and even a
little Michael Brook, and Gavin Friday, and Dick Evans, and lots o' "Lady
Luck", and...

> ........to bring U2, and the
> Edge, to where they are today, commercially and technically.

Let's not over-simplify.  Admittedly Eno's influence was likely the most
critical for certain issues.

Also, I tend to think that the Rattle and Hum period of over-fascination
with America was a bit of a reaction against the previously mentioned
"ambient" direction Eno/Unforgettable Fire was taking the band.  Too bad
(from my taste perspective).  I rather enjoyed a few instrumental 12"
singles and B-sides that were released around U. Fire.

Ireland and "the Blues": Blues certainly can trace some of it's origins to
Ireland (Celtic folk -> country -> blues).

Other U2:
Yesterday I was channel surfing during the commute home.  Hit "New Year's
Day" and left it.  The on came the Eagles' "Peaceful easy feeling".  Found
out I was listening to a classic rock station.  Got home -- yep, more gray
hair in the mirror.

Speaking of "classic" -- I just found U2 songs redone by string ensembles: