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Re: Non-loop content: musicology

At 9:37 PM -0400 4/20/00, Larry Tremblay wrote:
>  > Now that we've migrated into some sort of historical OT musicology, i 
>  > wondering if someone could answer a question for me...
>  >
>  >
>  > I have a couple of "hawaiian/polynesian" records from what looks like
>  > 60's(?).  They are from that period where 'stereo' records were being
>  > produced and the whole focus was on Stereo, not the image of the band
>  > themselves.  Actually, it's hard to find the name of the band on these
>  > records, it all just 'polynesian percussion' and 'island moods' stuff,
>  > big, big, STEREO SOUND icons on it.
>  >
>  > Anyway, listening to these records reminds me so much of traditional
>  > country/folk music.  Does anyone know any historical connection 
>  > these two styles?  My musical history is less than stellar...
>  >
>Yes, actually the connection you point is, in particular, the
>"coutry blues" aspect was introduced to Country music via
>lap steel 'hawaiian' guitar by none othe than Marty Robbins!

The Hawaiian guitar then migrated across the Atlantic, to be used by 
King Sunny Ade's bands.

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depends on the unreasonable man.

--  George Bernard Shaw

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