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Re: sfbay-looper/vortex chanting jam

Cliff -- the vocalist is quirky, even jumpy, even tho it has various sensitivity gates, thus it can do things to my vocal input that i am not expecting and that can be fun, but not always melodic. i have sent my electric bagpipe through it, but not enuf to draw any conclusions. since i got my VH (1996),  digitech has come out with these much cheaper vocal boxes $300-$500, that have about 1/2 of the 1000's of choices the VH has but at $750, one would have to NEED all the tweakers that jump up its price.  stuart 

Question: How do you like the Digitech Vocalist? Is it smooth? Does it track well? Also- have you ever tried plugging any other instruments into it to see how it sounded? Curious-