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Mo-Fx, was Live horn looping

Hi Rob-

Thanks for the reply, I have to admit I'm impressed with the "on-the-fly"
midiclock sync features and "longish" delay times (around 4 seconds is
pretty good for non-loop oriented device).

>> Can I then change delay times without destroying the loop material?
>yes/no. the loopage is pitch-warped to the new delay time. this is what
>you want, isn't it?

Yes, the pitch warpage is cool, but I was wondering if the signal is
"degraded" by flipping it through different delay times. Some units I'm
familiar with (Eventide H3000 DSX, Digitech RDS 7.6) will "chew up" the
audio significantly... So does the Mo-FX keep the original audio quality of
the loop when you turn back to the 1/1 speed?

And another very relative question, how does the flanger sound, typical
digital cheap rack/fllor box quality, or better?