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Re: EDP soft request

... great ideas.. they would require either realtime pitchshiftablerecord 
a realtime timestretch, neither of which is going to be easy to implement 
DSP code [EDP]. Advantage- Max platform & 3 weeks of nonlinear development
yielded me your idea in software-- slave synchronizable looping. I can feel
the collective need for this kind of expression, where the composer becomes
the conductor and the collaborator in a live orchestra with many 
Without becoming too focussed on the tools, I'm moving in this direction. 
course, all tools will be shared opensource w/ caveats this is not
industrially driven.. does not conform to notions of linear time or
nonsustainable economic progress.

anyway, i'm heading for the woods ;shortmountain; to celebrate

thanks again for more inspiration to continue on this confusing path.

-----Original Message-----
From: Om_Audio <clifsound@mediaone.net>
To: Loopers List <loopers-delight@annihilist.com>
Date: Friday, April 21, 2000 5:53 PM
Subject: EDP soft request

>...while I'm requesting- - -
>Could there be a way to have midi sync on the fly? like if you were to 
>in a drum machine with a loop going and then start a drum pattern and have
>it synch to the EDP loop? That would be sweet-