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Re: Different Sequencer question

In a message dated 4/23/00 10:57:46 AM Central Daylight Time, 
uday@gw1.vsnl.net.in writes:

<< You should find
 information about implementation of this messages in the manual of your
 sound source- in this case, the orbit. (Sorry! I am hearing that name for
 the first time and would like to know more about it) >>

The Orbit is an EMU sound module, they have put out 5 that I know of in a 
series, the first three were the Orbit, Planet Phatt and Carnival, each of 
which have 600+ patches optimized for techno/dance, hiphop and Latin 

Recently they came out with an upgraded Planet Phatt called the Mo'Phatt, 
another one that's more techno style patches, the name of which escapes 
But you should be able to find them on the web, just search for an EMU web 
site. The Orbit and Planet Phatt seemed pretty similar, I just needed some 
good sounds and the place I was shopping at had a demo model of the Orbit 
that I could afford!! But it's packed with good stuff.....

<<In Cakewalk, you can
 also store this messages in the system exclusive banks which are provided
 just for this purpose. >>

I know it'll do it, I just am having a problem finding out how to do it in 
the manual. I'm not super familiar with Midi and sequencing, I'm coming 
a guitar background instead of a keyboard background, so it's a little 
for me, as well as the fact that different manufacturers write their 
in totally different ways, using different phrases and words to acheive 
same ends.... it gets frustrating sometimes!

Anyway, thanks much for your input. If you have any other questions about 
Orbit, let me know and I'll try to answer!!
- Bill