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Thoughts after gettting gig mail

Wow another person on the list is doing a show. It's too bad the venue is 
far. I'd love to see in person the approach they take to it. I could 
use some new input on how to set up for a live scenario. ::looks around at 
gear:: I have all this cool stuff wired up around me and it sounds great 
I get it all going. Something is missing though. I know what it is. I've 
that feeling of exploration. When I first bought each piece I'd play with 
for days straight, constantly finding those new ways it can call out 
of my personality in its sound. I buy more and more equipment now to try 
find that feeling again but each time the sensation is just a faded copy 
what it was before. All this time I've spent shut in and learning hasn't 
for nothing though. I just feel I have to move on to the next level soon, 
what I found interact with the world for once. I should go out and show 
others who I am inside.  Some people will like it and some won't. I could 
find new people to share with and they can share with me. I could use some 
friends. It's good to see that others out there are doing it. I'll try a 
little harder at getting it all together. I can make it happen, I can do 
I have to never give up finding new ways to believe in who i am. It's hard 
times but has anything bad ever came out of trying? 

Just a little closer now,