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RE: Playing out? -- Re: list etiquette

 How about something fairly standard in the subject line, like mine would

GIG- Tampa, Florida area

and the subject might say something like, oh I don't know, something like

May 5 & 10
The Hazard Factor (thats my band)
The Pharm (http://www.pharmreport.com)
Dunedin, FL

Hey, I was against this gig posting thing, but its FUN!
loop on and on

Dave Eichenberger- guitars/loops/devices
'Hazard Factor' - spontaneous grooves

'Future Perfect' - art music

> I heartily agree with all who have siad, or nearly said, that one
> of the best things about the LD list is that I can hear about
> what other loopers are doing!
> Keep up the gig posts!
> Kamlapati