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Re: No Calif live/loop gig announcemt

Title: Re: No Calif live/loop gig announcemt
Hey, this must be in the same block as Kim lives!

TranceFusion Chant Band
invites you to
First-Press Prana - Rites of Spring
Live Music - Dancing - Kundalini Yoga - Visuals
Saturday,  April 29th
8:00 pm   $12.00
TUVA Performance Space    510-655-9755
3192 Adeline St.  Berkeley  Ashby Exit onto Ashby-Right onto
Martin Luther King- Corner Bldg.@1st Light where MLK becomes Adeline.
Based on Devotional Yearning and Spontaneously Arising Sound,
AXIS MUNDI takes the ancient Kundalini Chant tradition into quantum
dimensions with Sonic-Shamanic effects as the human voice explores the
Wisdom Beyond Language and merges with a pulsing trance-rhythm stream.
This unique music creates a Resonant Energy Field for Ecstatic Experience.
Join us to participate in the COHERENT SQUEEZE as we
Celebrate The Rebirth of The Light.  Wear your Dancing Shoes
and Festive MayDay Attire, and be prepared to BE IN SPIN.
axis Mundi
Stuart Sovatsky - Sonic Chant
Sondra Slade - Producer/Percussion
Susie Goldenstein - Percussion
Travis Wernet - Didjeridoo
Cathryn Calderon - Ecstatic Dance
Sacred Space by Auntie Matter
Contact, Booking & Info:   axismundi@jps.net    415-826-8644

         ---> http://Matthias.Grob.org