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RE: uncreativity

> >What does one do when one has too much creativity, and not enough
> >impetus/inspiration to work what one has got into something finished?
> >
> >I'm really, really good at starting things, bu
> Limit the scope of your project...work small...get used to 
> the process of
> 'finishing' and closing the loop.  Practice closure.

I look for time where I don't have anything scheduled.  For example,
I've got a laptop for work and I've got a copy of Acid(TM) on it.
When I'm at work and using my workstation for some time-intensive
process (building the product takes 15-90 minutes or running a test
cycle takes ~20 miunutes), I can fire up Acid and make some tweaks.
I'm especially looking forward to a flying trip this weekend (anybody
else create music on airplanes?).

- Larry