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echoplex or boomerang to add to jamman setup

I've been using 2 jammen in my live rig, one for looping and one for delay
functions and was thinking about adding another looping device.  Wanted to
see if anyone had an opinion between echoplex and boomerang.   Primarily, i
want longer loops than the maxed out jam and an ability to fine tune the
loops a bit.  I use it primarily with my Schoenberg acoustic guitar
outfitted with RMC pickups and an Axon midi convertor, into a Yamaha O1V
mixer, so there is a fair amount of stuff going on already.  I do need to
be able to sync whatever new unit i get to the axon via midi so that i can
keep loops in time with the arpeggiator in the axon.
>From reading the list, i guess everyone likes the echoplex better, but I'm
concerned about even more complexity .  I've already got 3 volume pedals on
the floor and 3 double footswitches.
Thanks to all of you for the list.  I've enjoyed reading it.

Paul Reisler
PO Box 38
Washington, VA 22747
540.987.3166 fax