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Re: Looperplalooza, etc. (a next step)

>> "Larry Tremblay" <ltct@concentric.net> 04/26 8:49 AM >>>
> The next logical step might be to gather a list of looper-friendly
venues together, hopefully including
who to contact at the venue for bookings.

This sounds really good to me... 

> Kim - Perhaps we could host this "Venue Listing" on Looper's
Delight". I volunteer to create and update the page. Ok, list members,
who's looper-friendly in your neck of the woods? - Larry T

This would be great Larry... What do you think Kim?

There's a venue here in Santa Cruz which will return to electric
music in the very near future. The booker has actually asked me to
play a couple other events and wants to try to book me there... so
this may become a place which supports our cause... I'll follow up if
things pan out. Otherwise, it's been a slow decline of venues here in
Santa Cruz Ca... I want to try and turn that around...